Goal setting icon Our vision and constitution

The Lambeth GP Food Co-op has achieved significant attention across the NHS as an example of innovation in action in general practice.

It is also significant as an emerging model of collaboration between a local authority, a Clinical Commissioning Group and local GPs which provides evidence that public sector organisations can collaborate with exploring new ways of engaging patients, often the hardest to engage, in gardening with a social purpose. Although there are complimentary schemes where gardening is offered as therapy, the Lambeth GP Food Co-op is distinguished by engaging patients in activity that will result in an economic outcome. 

It is an expression of our commitment to developing a local model of social coproduction which integrates Lambeth Councils interest in enhancing coproduction in the future delivery of services which for us means a more comprehensive definition of what health service might look like in the future. Our aims and objectives are as follows:

  • Transform unused space inside GP practices for food growing.
  • Engage patients especially with long term health conditions, socially isolated and lonely.
  • Build community-led health co-operative.
  • Address diet, nutrition, health and wellbeing.
  • Influence NHS sustainable food procurement in acute sector.

We were awarded Best Sustainable Food Initiative by Public Health England/NHS Sustainability Unit 2013.

There's much more work to do and we are passionately committed to continuing our work to improve people’s lives through gardening and mutual support.

We're confident that with your help we can build on our achievements to date, and do even more good work in the coming years.

We need additional financial resources and help to enable us to put the Lambeth GP Food Co-op on a sustainable footing for meeting the business opportunities that are presented to us. 

You can read about our plans and what we need in our Business Vision 2017/2018.

"The Lambeth GP Food Co-op is a formidable achievement making a positive difference for local people, helping themselves to better health and making new friends and connections. Your co-operative is exactly what we mean by public health in action.”  Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive of Public Health England